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The solar system is ravaged. The Earth is gone, shattered to pieces. Nothing remains but a huge ring of rocky debris. Nobody knows why the Gate malfunctioned. It was built to connect our world to other stars, but only a handful of colony ships were sent away before disaster struck. The Gate is believed to have unexpectedly connected to the wrong star -one just going nova. Torrents of gravitational waves flooded our solar system and the Earth was immediately obliterated. The Gate then started connecting to random stars, spewing ashes from dying worlds, radiation from younger suns or even drawing in alien lifeforms. The solar system began to change.

Humans and their machines live on: pockets of civilization have gathered into warring factions. Many adventurers roam the cold wastes in their spaceships, defying death and perils unknown -there are countless tales of monstrous machines and alien creatures preying on hapless ships. Real menaces or mere fantasies ? Who can now part the myth from the ever-changing reality ?

In a world where humans, monsters and machine-gods fight for survival, something will eventually have to give. You play the role of a young adventurer, who just got his hands on his first spaceship, and is determined to make a name for himself. A routine scouting mission turns out to be something much greater when you encounter an A.I. called Ceres.

Key Features:
u2022 Single-player tactical space combat.
u2022 Lead a squadron of ships and fight through a mission-drive storyline the way you see fit.
u2022 Third person view and simple yet deep point-and-click order system.
u2022 Your ships not only unleash deadly lasers or missiles, but it is possible to launch hacking attacks to damage or even take control of enemy ships !
u2022 Manage your set of skills as you gain experience. Special perks also appear when you perform well.
u2022 Hire captains and crews for your squadronu2019s ships. Watch them gain experience as they fight by your side.
u2022 Heavily customize your ships with equipment or weapons of different origins. Modify shipu2019s modules, armor, weapons, sensors or counter-measures.
u2022 Dozens of ship types which can be acquired and commanded, from the smallest corvette to the mightiest battleship.
u2022 Advanced damage system: ships can suffer critical and system failures in combat.
u2022 Loot anything that floats in space, trade items around the solar system to gain extra income, or salvage wrecked ships and even capture hostile vessels with boarding drones.